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Outsourcing = Big Savings!

Are you a developer or site designer? Do you find yourself referring YOUR customers hosting business to another company each time you finish building a site. Why would you want to throw away a potential profit each month from EACH of YOUR customers? You worked hard to capture that business and you worked hard to create that site.

For as little as $139 a month you can add hosting to the list of services you provide. Not only will this add hundreds of dollars to your monthly revenue but offering hosting will help you attain customers who might not have dealt with you before because they want to deal with a one-stop shop.

Each or our Reseller Packages comes with:
A full featured control panel which makes managing your accounts easy and always available to you. No intervention required by CTS Internet.
Add and delete domains at your convenience.
You keep 100% of your hosting revenue.  CTS Internet allows you to  bill your customers accordingly so you can keep the profits.

Outsourcing allows companies to concentrate their efforts on their primary industry while continuing to offer a high quality hosting service. By eliminating the cost of hardware, software, bandwidth, and personnel, you reduce your overhead while maintaining your residual income. Let us worry about paying all of the infrastructure bills.

Reducing operating costs equates to a much higher profit margin. CTS Internet provides you with everything you need to offer a robust and reliable hosting solution to your customers. Your customers will never know you are a reseller.

Stop worrying about the latest virus attack and wondering if you provided the patch in time to catch it. CTS Internet handles all aspects of security and maintenance. Because we have redundant OC3 connections, uptime and site response is never a concern either.

View the detail of ur Webmaster 500 Plan here



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